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Why start a blog anyway?

Published by Michael Rissi in Moving Pictures -- Sideline Static · 19/2/2015 20:29:00
The movie business is changing fast.  Everyone who is involved in the business knows this, but coping with the changes can be challenging.

The toughest changes for independent producers like myself have to do with the way movies are distributed now.  Anyone who remembers renting movies on VHS at popular stores like Blockbuster and 20/20 might understand what I'm talking about.  Before Video Rental stores became a thing of the past, movies that had a very brief theatrical existence or even none at all could still very easily come out very profitable through the video rental business.

Besides changes in the way films are distributed, every year changes in digital technology are also reshaping how motion pictures are made.  Stay tuned and I'll write about some of that here. 

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