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Moving Pictures -- Technology Now

Published by Michael Rissi in Moving Pictures -- Sideline Static · 19/2/2015 20:41:00
Video technology has advanced so far and so fast, everyone who has a smart phone can put together a professional looking video with very little effort or expense.

Any parent, for example, can now "video" almost every aspect of her child's life from start to finish.  (For that reason, our society might be producing the most image conscious and narcissistic generation in history, but that's another story.)

For filmmakers such as myself, who produce industrial and corporate videos in between entertainment projects, the name of the game is commercial viability.

Professional image acquisition with quality lighting, sound, and slick post production finishing still takes more time, effort and expertise than the average consumer cares to attempt.  And talent and taste still make a difference.

Even so, the means of production are changing rapidly, and that includes the price of the equipment needed to produce professional level material.  I'll share some of my opinions on that here, concentrating less on where we've been and more on where we're going next.

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