Adapting a Classic - Michael Rissi

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Adapting a Classic

Adapting a classic work of literature such as Edgar Allan Poe’s widely revered poem “Annabel Lee” comes with its own set of challenges.

Michael Rissi started with both the poem and a treatment Bill Bordy and Barbara James had written decades earlier. As Executive Producer, Bill Bordy gave Michael free rein as the writer-director to re-write, alter, adapt, and invent brand new material, concentrating on stylized visuals to enhance the original poem, and that’s exactly what he did.

Michael was invited by the University of Maine, Farmington to speak at their “Poe After Poe” event about the process of adapting such a beloved work.

To view sample clips of Michael’s answers to students regarding adapting “Annabel Lee” for the screen, CLICK on the two videos to the right.
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