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Video Production Company & Services

Communications today are more visual than ever.  The 21st Century has been declared the first to ring in the "Information Age."

At no time in history has the sheer volume of information available to the average consumer been more overwhelming.

The key determinant for any successful business or organization to cut through the glut of information available to customers and consumers will always be clarity of messaging.  It's a scientific fact that visual information is absorbed far more readily than verbal or auditory information, and what's more, retention of visual information is also much more powerful than any current alternative.  

Michael Rissi founded Rissi Productions almost 25 years ago with a concentrated purpose to assist clients in the creation of effective visual communications and messaging.

From films, television, DVDs, Blu-Rays and every form of internet delivery, video communication has steadily grown to become the most important means of reaching all potential audiences.

Behind the Scenes of standard video shoot
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