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Everything begins with the "word", and that includes every good story.

A member of the Writers Guild of America, West since 1992, Michael Rissi's first professional recognition as a screenwriter came about when the Walt Disney Company optioned his original screenplay, BORDERLINE.

Michael continues to spend time writing for the screen, with the majority of his efforts concentrating on the suspense thriller genre, but he has written dramatic and comedic screenplays as well.

In 2000, Michael decided to write a taut thriller using nothing more than the familiar surroundings of his immediate neighborhood.  The result was the screenplay for "Up Against Amanda" which was turned into a low budget thriller.  "Up Against Amanda" became a film festival favorite and was subsequently picked up for international distribution by world famous producer Roger Corman.  Corman is well known for having discovered and nurtured the talents of Hollywood greats such as Martin Scorcese, Francis Coppola, Ron Howard, Jack Nicholson, and James Cameron, just to name a few.

Michael's next produced screenplay was brought about through the most unlikely of circumstances.

While travelling with his wife in Eastern Europe, the couple met a fellow traveller named Bill Bordy.  Bordy, now retired, is best known for having headed a prominent casting publication called "Dramalogue" which he eventually sold to "Backstage," currently the most dominent casting publication in existence.  Bordy and the Rissis became friends and Bordy shared with Michael his longtime dream to turn the classic Edgar Allan Poe poem, "Annabel Lee" into a feature film.

Rissi took on the challenge, and the result was another award winning feature film, "Edgar Allan Poe's ANNABEL LEE."
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